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6-2022 Machine Learning-Based Radon Monitoring System Chemosensors
10-2021 Prediction of Anti-Glioblastoma Drug-Decorated Nanoparticle Delivery Systems Using Molecular Descriptors and Machine Learning International Journal of Molecular Sciences
10-2020 An Application of Fish Detection Based on Eye Search with Artificial Vision and Artificial Neural Networks Water
8-2020 Implementing a Web Application for W3C WebAuthn Protocol Testing Proceedings
7-2020 Prediction of Antimalarial Drug-Decorated Nanoparticle Delivery Systems with Random Forest Models Biology
2-2020 Net-Net AutoML Selection of Artificial Neural Network Topology for Brain Connectome Prediction Applied Sciences
1-2020 Developing a secure low-cost radon control system Sensors
9-2019 Improvement of Epitope Prediction Using Peptide Sequence Descriptors and Machine Learning International Journal of Molecular Science
4-2017 Experimental study and Random Forest prediction model of microbiome cell surface hydrophobicity Expert Systems with Applications
1-2017 Integrated genomic characterization of oesophageal carcinoma Nature
12-2016 Optimization of NIR calibration models for multiple processes in the sugar industry Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems
12-2016 A methodology for the design of experiments in computational intelligence with multiple regression models PeerJ
8-2016 Deep Artificial Neural Networks and Neuromorphic Chips for Big Data Analysis: Pharmaceutical and Bioinformatics Applications Int. J. Mol. Sci
7-2016 Genome co-amplification upregulates a mitotic gene network activity that predicts outcome and response to mitotic protein inhibitors in breast cancer Breast Cancer Research
5-2016 Using Genetic Algorithms to improve Support Vector Regression in the analysis of Atomic spectra of Lubricant Oils Engineering Computations
1-2016 Early warning in egg production curves from commercial hens: A SVM approach Computers and Electronics in Agriculture
1-2016 Texture analysis in gel electrophoresis images using an integrative kernel-based approach Scientific Reports
12-2015 Parallel computation for Brain Simulation Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
11-2015 A hybrid Evolutionary System for automated Artificial Neural Networks generation and simplification in biomedical applications Current Bioinformatics
10-2015 Un sistema de deteccion de peces para escala de hendidura vertical utilizando tecnologia laser y tecnicas de vision artificial Ingenieria del Agua
9-2015 Texture classification using feature selection and kernel-based techniques Soft Computing
9-2015 RRegrs: An R package for Computer-aided Model Selection with Multiple Regression Models Journal of Cheminformatics
8-2015 Prediction of Nucleotide Binding Peptides using Star Graph Topological Indices Molecular Informatics
8-2015 Genetic programming and floating boom performance Ocean Engineering
7-2015 Example-Based Learning: Development of Business Applications with .NET Technologies Revista Digital de Investigación en Docencia Universitaria
7-2015 Classification of signaling proteins based on molecular star graph descriptors using machine-learning models Journal of Theoretical Biology
7-2015 Fish Monitoring and Sizing Using Computer Vision Lecture Notes in Computer Science
7-2015 FishPath: aplicacion informatica de diseño de escalas de peces de hendidura vertical Ingenieria del Agua
6-2015 A Detection System for Vertical Slot Fishways using Laser Technology and Computer Vision Lecture Notes in Computer Science
4-2015 Solvent Accessible Surface Area-Based Hot-Spot Detection Methods for Protein–Protein and Protein–Nucleic Acid Interfaces Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
3-2015 Classification of mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease with machine-learning techniques using 1H Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy data Expert Systems with Applications
2-2015 Artificial Neuron-Glia Networks Learning Aproach Based on Cooperative Coevolution International Journal of Neural Systems
2-2015 Fish tracking in vertical slot fishways using computer vision techniques Journal of Hydroinformatics
10-2014 Canonical correlation analysis for gene-based pleiotropy discovery PLoS Computational Biology
10-2014 Performance of artificial neural networks in nearshore wave power prediction Applied Soft Computing
6-2014 Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis Image Registration using Block-Matching Techniques and Deformation Models Analytical Biochemistry
5-2014 Markov Mean Properties for Cell Death-Related Protein Classification Journal of Theoretical Biology
5-2014 Graph-based Processing of Macromolecular Information Current Bioinformatics
3-2014 LECTINPred: web Server that Uses Complex Networks of Protein Structure for Prediction of Lectins with Potential Use as Cancer Biomarkers or in Parasite Vaccine Design Molecular Informatics
2-2014 ANN Multiscale Model of anti-HIV drugs activity vs. AIDS Prevalence in US at county level based on Information indices of Molecular Graphs and Social Networks. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
1-2014 Improving Enzyme Regulatory Protein Classification by means of SVM-RFE Feature Selection Molecular BioSystems
1-2014 BiOSS: A system for biomedical ontology selection Computer methods and programs in biomedicine
1-2014 Modeling Complex Metabolic Reactions, Ecological Systems, and Financial and Legal Networks with MIANN models based on Markov-Wiener node descriptors. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
2014 Texture Classification of Proteins using Support Vector Machines and Bio-Inspired Metaheuristics Communications in Computer and Information Science
12-2013 Hybrid model based on Genetic Algorithms and SVM applied to variable selection within fruit juice classification The Scientific World Journal. Issue: Recent Advances on Bioinspired Computation
12-2013 High Order Texture-Based Analysis in Biomedical Images Current Medical Imaging Reviews
12-2013 Soft Computing. Content Based Retrieval and Reconstruction in Medical Imaging Current Medical Imaging Reviews
10-2013 A pathway-based data integration framework for prediction of disease progression Bioinformatics
10-2013 Breast Density Classification to Reduce False Positives in CADe Systems Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine
7-2013 Diagnostic and treatment delay, quality of life and satisfaction with care in colorectal cancer patients: a study protocol Health and Quality of Life Outcomes
7-2013 Kernel-based Feature Selection Techniques for Transport Proteins Based on Star Graph Topological Indices Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
6-2013 Regulatory affairs issues and legal ontologies in drug development Frontiers in Bioscience (Elite edition)
5-2013 Using genetic algorithms for automatic recurrent ANN development: an application to EEG signal classification International Journal of Data Mining, Modelling and Management
5-2013 Evolutionary Computation and QSAR Research Current Computer-Aided Drug Design
5-2013 The He-, Ne-, and Ar-Phosgene Intermolecular Potential Energy Surfaces J. Phys. Chem. A
4-2013 Applied Computational Techniques on Schizophrenia using genetic mutations Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
3-2013 The CHROMEVALOA Database: A Resource for the Evaluation of Okadaic Acid Contamination in the Marine Environment Based on the Chromatin-Associated Transcriptome of the Mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis Marine Drugs
3-2013 The Rucker-Markov Invariants of Complex Bio-Systems: Applications in Parasitology and Neuroinformatics BioSystems
3-2013 Classification of signals by means of Genetic Programming Soft Computing
3-2013 The iOSC3 system: Using ontologies and SWRL rules for intelligent supervision and care of patients with acute cardiac disorders Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine
3-2013 MIANN Models in Medicinal, Physical and Organic Chemistry Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
3-2013 Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Medicinal Chemistry Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
2-2013 Exploring patterns of epigenetic information with data mining techniques Current Pharmaceutical Design. Special Issue: Epigenetic and metabolic drug target for anticancer therapy
2-2013 Biomedical Data Integration in Computational Drug Design and Bioinformatics Current Computer-Aided Drug Design
1-2013 Genetic Based Spot Detection Method in Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis Images International Journal "Information Technologies & Knowledge" (IJ ITK)
1-2013 Random Forest Classification based on Star Graph Topological Indices for Antioxidant Proteins Journal of Theoretical Biology
1-2013 S2SNet: A Tool for Transforming Characters and Numeric Sequences into Star Network Topological Indices in Chemoinformatics, Bioinformatics, Biomedical, and Social-Legal sciences Current Bioinformatics
1-2013 Markov-Randic indices for QSPR Re-evaluation of Metabolic, Parasite-Host, Fasciolosis Spreading, Brain Cortex and Legal-Social Complex Networks Current Bioinformatics
2013 New approaches in data integration for Systems Chemical Biology Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
2013 SNP Locator: a Candidate SNP Selection Tool International Journal of Data Mining, Modeling and Management
2013 Spot matching in 2D electrophoresis experiments International journal of Data Analysis and Strategies
11-2012 Computer application for the analysis and design of vertical slot fishways in accordance with the requirements of the target species Ecological Engineering
9-2012 Optical Analysis of Strength Tests Based on Block-Matching Techniques Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
8-2012 Automatic Seizure Detection Based on Star Graph Topological Indices Journal of Neuroscience Methods
8-2012 Data Integration in Genomic Medicine: Trends and Applications IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics 2012: Personal Health Informatics
6-2012 Approach for solving multimodal problems using Genetic Algorithms with Grouped into Species optimized with Predator-Prey International Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence
6-2012 Improving Personal Health Record systems using ontologies: Retrieving context-sensitive information Journal on Computing
5-2012 Using genetic algorithms and k-nearest neighbour for automatic frequency band selection for signal classification IET Signal Processing
5-2012 Naive Bayes QSDR classification based on spiral-graph Shannon entropies for protein biomarkers in human colon cancer Molecular Biosystems
2-2012 Framework of fully integrated hybrid systems Neural Computing & Applications
2-2012 Computational models of neuron-astrocyte interactions lead to improved efficacy in the performance of neural networks Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine (Issue: Methodological Advances in Brain Connectivity)
1-2012 LIBP-Pred: Web Server for Lipid Binding Proteins using Structural Network Parameters; PDB Mining of Human Cancer Biomarkers and Drug Targets in Parasites and Bacteria Molecular BioSystems
2012 Nanoinformatics: developing new computing applications for nanomedicine Computing
2012 Self-tuning of disk input-output in operating systems Journal of Systems and Software
9-2011 Artificial Cells for Information Processing: Iris Classification Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence
7-2011 Optical Fish Trajectory Measurement in Fishways through Computer Vision and Artificial Neural Networks Journal Computing Civil Engineeering-ASCE
6-2011 An update of in Silico tools for the prediction of pathogenesis in Missense variants Current Bioinformatics
6-2011 Convergence of Bioinformatics with Nanotechnology and Artificial Intelligence Technologies Current Bioinformatics
6-2011 Microarrays and Colon Cancer in the Road for Translational Medicine Current Bioinformatics
5-2011 The ability of MEAs containing cultured neuroglial networks to process information Current Bioinformatics
5-2011 Extraction of Quantitative Anatomical Information from Coronary Angiographies Current Bioinformatics
4-2011 Artificial Astrocytes Improve Neural Network Performance PLoS ONE
3-2011 MISS-Prot: web server for self/non-self descrimination of protein residue networks in parasites; theory and experiments in Fasciola peptides and Anisakis allergens Molecular BioSystems
1-2011 Automatic feature extraction using genetic programming: An application to epileptic EGG classification Expert Systems with Applications
2011 An artificial neural network improves the non-invasive diagnosis of significant fibrosis in HIV/HCV coinfected patients Journal of Infection
2011 Amino Acid Pair- and Triplet-wise Groupings in the Interior of Alpha-Helical Segments in Proteins Journal of Theoretical Biology
2011 Definition of Markov-Harary Invariants and Review of Classic Topological Indices and Databases in Biology, Parasitology, Technology, and Social-Legal Networks Current Bioinformatics
2011 MIND-BEST: web server for drugs & target discovery; design, synthesis, and assay of MAO-B inhibitors and theoretic-experimental study of G3PD protein from Trichomona gallineae Journal of Proteome Research
-2011 The use of computers and augmentative and alternative communication devices by children and young with cerebral palsy Assistive Technology
11-2010 Optimal adjustment of EC-2 shear formulation for concrete elements without web reinforcement using Genetic Programming Engineering Structures
10-2010 Epileptic seizure detection using multiwavelet transform based approximate entropy and artificial neural networks Journal of Neuroscience Methods
10-2010 Automatic epileptic seizure detection in EEGs based on line length feature and artificial neural networks Journal of Neuroscience Methods
9-2010 An Approach for the Automatic Recommendation of Ontologies Using Collaborative Knowledge Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems
9-2010 A Block-matching based technique for the analysis of 2D gel images Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
8-2010 Generation and simplification of Artificial Neural networks by means of Genetic Programming Neurocomputing
8-2010 Ontologies of Drug Discovery and Design for Neurology, Cardiology and Oncology Current Pharmaceutical Design
8-2010 Drug Discovery and Design for Complex Diseases through QSAR Computational Methods Current Pharmaceutical Design
7-2010 Machine Learning Techniques for Single Nucleotide Polymorphism - Disease Classification Models in Schizophrenia Molecules
7-2010 Optimal adjustments of EC-2 shear formulation for concrete elements without web reinforcement using Genetic Programming Engineering Structures
6-2010 Efficiency in the Transmission of Information Through Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine Using Security Mechanisms: Tests with DISCUS Telemedicines and e-Health
2-2010 Nanoinformática Médica:Definición, Objetivos y Proyectos. Nuevos Retos para la Informática Biomédica ante los Recientes Avances de la Nanomedicina y Medicina Regenerativa I+S: Informática y Salud
2010 Plasmod-PPI: a web-server predicting complex biopolymer targets in Plasmodium with entropy measures of protein-protein interactions Polymer
2010 Trypano-PPI: A Web Server for Prediction of Unique Targets in Trypanosome Proteome by using Electrostatic Parameters of Protein-Protein Interactions Journal of Proteome Research
2010 Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Colorectal Cancer Drug Metabolism: Ontologies and Complex Networks Current Drug Metabolism
2010 Retrieval and Management of Medical Information from Heterogeneous Sources, for its Integration in a Medical Record Visualisation Tool International Journal of Electronic Healthcare
2010 Estimation of the annual production and composition of C&D Debris in Galicia (Spain) Waste Management
12-2009 3D Entropy and Moments Prediction of Enzyme Classes and Experimental - Theoretic Study of Peptide Fingerprints in Leishmania Parasites Biochimica et Biophysica Acta Proteins and Proteomics
6-2009 Data mining in complex diseases using Evolutionary Computation Bio-Inspired Systems: Computational and Ambient Intelligence (LNCS 5517)
6-2009 Evolving Simple Feed-Forward and Recurrent ANNs for Signal Classification: A Comparison IEEE International Conference on Neural Networks- Conference Proceedings
6-2009 A Genetic Algorithm for ANN Desing, Training and Simplification Bio-Inspired Systems: Cinoutational and Ambient Intelligence (LNCS 2217)
6-2009 Computer vision applied to wave flume measurements Ocean Engineering
4-2009 N-gram based models for retrieval in degraded large collections Advances in Information Retrieval (LNCS 5478)
2-2009 Modiflying genetic programming for artificial neural network development for data mining Soft Computing
2009 Complex Network Spectral Moments for ATCUN Motif DNA Cleavage: First Predictive Study on Proteins of Human Pathogen Parasites Journal of Proteome Research
2009 Generalized Lattice Graphs for 2D-Visualization of Biological Information Journal of Theoretical Biology
2009 Star Graphs of Protein Sequences and Proteome Mass Spectra in Cancer Prediction Current Proteomics
-2009 Artificial Neural Networks in Urban Runoff Forecast LNCS. bio inspired Systems. Computational and Ambient Intelligence
12-2008 Terapia ocupacional, investigación y nuevas tecnologías. Una combinación de futuro Revista informativa de la Asociación Profesional Española de Terapeutas Ocupacionales
12-2008 Proyecto IN-TIC para la accesibilidad y usabilidad de las TIC en personas con diversidad funcional Revista informativa de la Asociación Profesional Española de Terapeutas Ocupacionales
9-2008 Spectra Image Registration And Metabolite mApping Software (SIRAMAS), a software for the incorporation of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) into the radiotherapy planning of brain tumours Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine
6-2008 "Creación de un Sistema Experto para el manejo de fármacos de perfusión en pacientes críticos" "Medicina Intensiva"
6-2008 A tool for the fusion of Magnetic Resonance anatomic and spectroscopy International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery
3-2008 Expert System for remote monitoring and control of Intensive Care Units Telemedicine Journal and e-Health.
2-2008 Red Gallega de Bioinformática Dixitos.Novas do centro de Supercomputación de Galicia
1-2008 Experimental evaluation of expansive behavior or an old-aged ASR-affected dam concrete: methodology and application Materials and Structures
2008 "Annotation of Colorectal Cancer Data using the UMLS Metathesaurus".
2008 A Virtual Laboratory for stability test of rubble-mound breakwaters Ocean Engineering
2008 Semantic Data Integration in a System for Cancer Studies Acta Informatica Medica
2008 Automatic Recurrent ANN development for signal classification: detection of seizures in EEGS Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
12-2007 : On the development of evolutionary artificial artists Computers and Graphics
12-2007 Nuevo sistema de apoyo para la evaluación e intervención Gerontológica en usuarios con Diversidad Funcional: Gerontodigitalboard AGATHOS. Atención Sanitaria y Bienestar
12-2007 Chemically driven variable selection by focused multimodal genetic algorithms in mid-IR spectra Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
7-2007 A Computational Morphogenesis Approach to Simple Structure Development Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence
6-2007 Development and implementation of a secure, integrated management system for medical images and electronic clinical records for small hospitals Telemedicine Journal and e-Health
6-2007 A New Hybrid Evolutionary Mechanism Based on Unsupervised Learnig for Connectionist Systems Neurocomputing
6-2007 Linking chemical knowledge and genetic algorithms using two populations and focused multimodal search Chemometrics and intelligent laboratory systems
6-2007 Automatic Topological Active Net Division in a Genetic-Greedy Hybrid Approach Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis
6-2007 A Comparison Between ANN Generation and Training Methods and Their Development by Means of Graph Evolution: 2 Sample Problems Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Computational and Ambient Intelligence
6-2007 Study of Classical Conditioning in Aplysia through The Implementation of Computational Models of its Learning Circuit Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence
5-2007 Selective Shunting of the NMDA EPSP Component by the Slow After Hyperpolarization in Rat CA1 Pyramidal Neurons Journal of Neurophysiology
4-2007 Automatic Design of ANNs by Means of GP for Data Mining Tasks: Iris Flower Classification Problem Lecture Notes in Computer Science
4-2007 Diagnóstico por Imagen en Reumatología: de la Imagen Radiológica a la Imagen Molecular I+S: Informática y Salud
4-2007 Genetic-Greedy Hybrid Approach for Topological Active Nets Optimization LNCS. Adaptative and Natural Computing Algorithms Editorial
3-2007 A New Evolutionary Computation Technique for 2D Morphogenesis and Information Processing WSEAS Transactions on Information Science & Applications
3-2007 Building and Simplifying Artificial Neural Networks with Genetic Programming WSEAS Transactions on Information Science and Applications
2-2007 Experimental evaluation of expensive behavior of an old-aged ASR-affected dam concrete methodology and application Materials and Structures
1-2007 "Computer aided monitoring system of Intensive Care Unit patients" "WSEAS Transactions on Information Science and Applications"
1-2007 A framework for measuring waves level in a wave tank with artificial vision techniques WSEAS Transactions on Signal Processing
2007 Determination of the unit hydrograph of a typical urban basin using genetic programming and artificial neural networks Hydrological Processes
12-2006 Bat Echolocation Interfering with Ultrasonic Sensors Journal of Hydraulic Engineering - ASCE
10-2006 Artificial Neural Network Development by means of Genetic Programming with Graph Codification Transactions on Engineering, Computing and Technology
9-2006 Topological active nets optimization using genetic algorithms LNCS. Image Análisis and Recognition
6-2006 Development and Implementation of a Secure DICOM PACS for a Hemodynamics Unit International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery
11-2005 Biomedical Image Processing Integration Through INBIOMED: A Web Services-Based Platform Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics
6-2005 Diversity and Multimodal Search with a Hybrid Two-Population GA: An Application to ANN Development Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Computacional Intelligence and Bioinspired System
6-2005 Artificial Neural Networks based on Brain Circuits Behaviour and Genetic Algorithms Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Computacional Intelligence and Bioinspired System
6-2005 Time Series Forecast with Anticipation using Genetic Programming Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Computacional Intelligence and Bioinspired System
5-2005 Two-phase multiobjective optimization WSEAS Transactions on Information Science & Applications
2-2005 Selection of variables by genetic algorithms to classify apple beverages by artificial neural networks Applied Artificial Intelligence
12-2004 Development of a DICOM server for reception and strorage of medical images in digital format WSEAS Transactions on Computer
10-2004 Knowledge Management and Interactive Learning Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence: Engineering Knowledge in the Age of the Semantic Web
9-2004 Classification of Apple Beverages using Artificial Neural Networks with Previous Variable Selection Analytica Chimica Acta
7-2004 A New Approach to the Extraction of ANN Rules and to their Generalization Capacity throught GP Neural Computation
5-2004 Remote Follow-up System for Patients with a Hip-prosthesis Telemedicine and e-Health Journal
4-2004 Almacenamiento, procesado y análisis de imagen en un sistema de Informática Biomédica I + S. Informática y Salud
4-2004 Using Genetic Programming for Charecter Discrimination in Damaged Documents Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Applications of Evolutionary Computing
4-2004 Heterosynaptic Metaplastic Regulation of Synaptic Efficacy in CA1 Pyramidal Neurons of Rat Hippocampus Hippocampus
2-2004 Distributed Genetic Programming by an Object Oriented System using Java and CORBA Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networks
2-2004 Search the Optimal RANN Architecture, Reduce the Training Set and Make the Training Process by a Distribute Genetic Algorithm Artificial Intelligence and Applications
2004 Artificial Neural Network Development by means of Genetic Programming with Graph Codification International Journal of Applied mathematics and Computer Sciences (ISSN 1307-6906)
8-2003 An Application Framework for Building Evolutionary Computer Systems in Music Leonardo. Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology
6-2003 Neural Networks & Antennas Design: an Application for Avoiding Interferences Lecture Notes in Computer Science
6-2003 Rules and Generalization Capacity Extraction from ANN with GP Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Artificial Neural Nets Problem Solving Methods
4-2003 Prediction and Modelling of the Rainfall-Runoff Transformation of a Typical Urban Basin Using ANN and GP Applied Artificial Intelligence
4-2003 Restoration of Old Documents with Genetic Algorithms Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Applications of Evolutionary Computing
12-2002 Information System integrated in a network for the consulting and analysis of medical images Medical Informatics and the Internet in Medicin
9-2002 Automatic Recurrent and Feed-Forward ANN Rule and Expression Extraction with Genetic Programming Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Parallel Problem Solving from Nature
9-2002 Construction of a system for the access, storage and exploitation of data and medical images generated in radiology information systems (RIS) Medical Informatics And The Internet In Medicine
8-2002 Avoiding Interference in Planar Arrays Through the Use of Artificial Neural Networks IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine
7-2002 Artificial Neural Networks Manipulation Server. Research on the Integration of Data Bases and Artificial Neural Networks Neural Computing & Applications
5-2002 Necessary Security Mechanisms in a PACS DICOM Access System with Web Technology Journal of Digital Imaging
4-2002 Prediction and Modelling of the Flow of a Typical Urban Basin through Genetic Programming Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Aplications of Evolutionary Computing
10-2001 Hybrid Two-Population Genetic Algorithm Lecture Notes in Computer Science.Computational Intelligence,theory and applications
10-2001 Analisys of Medical Diagnostic Images via the Implementation and Access to a Sage DICOM PACS with a Web Interface: Análisis of Contrast-enhanced CT Imaging of Oral and Oropharyngeal Carcinomas Lecture Notes in Computer Science
2001 Information system integrated in a network for consulting and analysis of medical images Technology and health care. International Journal of Health Care Enginering
2001 Multilevel Genetic Algorithm for the complete development of ANN Lecture Notes in Computer Science
2001 "Analysis of Medical Diagnostic Images via the Implementation and Access to a Safe DICOM PACS with a Web Interface: Analysis of Contrast-enhanced CT Imaging of Oral and Oropharyngeal Carcinomas" "Medical Data Analysis. Lecture Notes in Computer Science"
2001 Approach to Automatic Tuning of Operating Systems International Conference Applied Informatics 2001
2001 "Information system integrated in a network for consulting and analysis of medical images" "Technology and health care. International Journal of Health Care Enginering"
7-1999 Connectionist System for Music Interpretation Internacional Joint Conference on Neural Networks 1999
3-1999 Nuevo método de métrica en la radiología digitalizada de las prótesis totales de cadera Informática y Salud: I+S
2-1999 Building a Chemical Ontology Using Methontology And The Ontology Design Environment IEEE Intelligent Systems
1-1998 A Bi-directional Associate Neural Network For Singular Value Decomposition Of A Non-Squares Matrix(artículo revisado por A. Pazos)
1998 Algoritmos genéticos para el entrenamiento de redes de neuronas artificiales (RNA) recurrentes con activaciones temporales INTELIGENCIA ARTIFICIAL.Revista Iberoamericana de Inteligencia Artificial
1998 Digitalización de la Radiología coxofemoral y aplicación de software a la coxometría: Presentación de una aplicación informática SOGACOT (Revista de la Sociedad Gallega de Cirugía Ortopédica y Traumatología)
4-1997 Catálogo de Cursos de la Asociación Universitaria Iberoamericana de Postgrado (AUIP)
1997 A JAVA-Based tool for Remote Access to Emergency Protocols Journal of the american medical informatics Association
6-1996 Detection of Patterns in Radiographs using ANN Designed and Trained with GA Proceedings of Genetic Programming 1996 Conference
1996 Oscillanting Problems in Genetic Algorithms International Journal of Intelligente System
1995 El acceso a los estudios superiores
8-1994 Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) to Predict Antenatal Outcome. ANNs versus Expert Systems Official Journal of the International Organization for Medical Physics
1994 Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.Neural Computing in Medicine International Journal Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
12-1993 MESTRIMAN: An Expert System for Medical Triage and Clinical Management of Patients in Catastrophes Expert Systems With Applications
8-1992 Naturaleza y Computación, más cerca que nunca Journal CETTICO
6-1992 Expert Systems For Medical Triage And Clinical Management
3-1992 New Frontiers of Biomedical Engineering. Innovations from Nuclear to Space Technology Journal CETTICO
1-1992 Computerized Antenatal Assessment: The "NST-EXPERT" Project Automedica
1992 Casual Reasonig in Nuclear Medicine ISKE
1992 PATRICIA: An Expert System that incorporates a patient-oriented approach for the management of I.C.U. patients IEEE-EMBS
1992 A Connectionist Approach to Predict Antenatal Outcome IEEE-EMBS Conference
10-1991 SCAMC-90: Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Journal CETTICO
No info Neural Networks In Myocardial Infarction Diagnosis.
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