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Categoria WoS
  • Docencia
Titulo: Marketing Techniques for Educational Programs
Tipo: libro internacional
Fecha: 3,2011
ISBN: 978-3-8383-8563-1
Editorial: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
Saarbrücken, Alemania


In this book we aim to evaluate to what extent the strategic marketing planning process is applicable to an educational institution, and secondary to present how this can be achieve by developing a sample strategic marketing plan for a specific MBA. Following an explanatory introduction, a literature review is developed, concerning marketing as a general discipline, the application of marketing techniques to educational institutions, and the strategic marketing plan as a document. With regard to the first aim, the creation of an applicable strategic marketing plan indicates that the development the strategic marketing planning process is feasible and necessary for educational institutions in order to succeed and to enhance their image in the marketplace. With regard to the second aim, using the strategic framework provided in the literature review, an appropriate model is developed and applied to a generic MBA, showing the benefits a marketing plan can achieve, even in the educational field. This book is mostly based on a previous research conducted by the authors Athanasious Dimou, Stamatina Sklavolia, Aristidis Papathomas, Brandom Gengelbach, and Eduardo Guillén during their research period at the University of Southampton in Spetember 1999. In this book the original outcomes have been adapted to be applied to any generic MBA programme.

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