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  • González-Díaz, Humberto
  • Prado-Prado, Francisco
  • García-Mera, Xerardo
  • Alonso, Nerea
  • Abeijon, Paula
  • Caamano, Olga
  • Yáñez, Matilde
  • Munteanu, Cristian Robert
  • Pazos Sierra, Alejandro
  • Dea-Ayuela, Maria A.
  • Gómez-Muñoz, Maria
  • Garijo, Magdalena M.
  • Sansano, José
  • Ubeira, Florencio M.
Categoria WoS
Titulo: MIND-BEST: web server for drugs & target discovery; design, synthesis, and assay of MAO-B inhibitors and theoretic-experimental study of G3PD protein from Trichomona gallineae
Tipo: revista internacional
Fecha: 2011
Revista: Journal of Proteome Research
JCR Journal; Impact Factor: 5.113
Citas Scopus: 16 Citas Google Scholar: 34
Paginas: 1698-1718
ISSN: 1535-3893
Editorial: American Chemical Socierty


Many drugs with very different affinity to a large number of receptors are described. Thus, in this work, we selected Drug-Target pairs (DTPs/nDTPs) of drugs with high affinity/non-affinity for different targets. Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships (QSAR) models become a very useful tool in this context since they substantially reduce time and resource-consuming experiments. Unfortunately, most QSAR models predict activity against only one protein target and/or they have not been implemented as public Web server yet, freely available online to the scientific community. To solve this problem, we developed a multi-target QSAR (mt-QSAR) classifier combining the MARCH-INSIDE software for the calculation of the structural parameters of drug and target with the Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) method in order to seek the best model. The accuracy of the best LDA model was 94.4% (3,859/4,086 cases) for training and 94.9% (1,909/2,012 cases) for the external validation series. In addition, we implemented the model into the Web portal Bio-AIMS as an online server entitled MARCH-INSIDE Nested Drug-Bank Exploration & Screening Tool (MIND-BEST), located at This online tool is based on PHP/HTML/Python and MARCH-INSIDE routines. Finally, we illustrated two practical uses of this server with two different experiments. In experiment 1, we report for the first time a MIND-BEST prediction, synthesis, characterization, and MAO-A and MAO-B pharmacological assay of 8 rasagiline derivatives, promising for anti-Parkinson drug design. In experiment 2, we report sampling, parasite culture, sample preparation, 2-DE, MALDI-TOF and -TOF/TOF MS, MASCOT search, 3D structure modeling with LOMETS, and MIND-BEST prediction for different peptides as new protein of the found in the proteome of the human parasite Trichomona gallineae, which is promising for anti-parasite drug targets discovery.

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