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Categoria WoS
  • Ingeniería Civil
Titulo: Estimation of the annual production and composition of C&D Debris in Galicia (Spain)
Tipo: revista nacional
Fecha: 2010
Revista: Waste Management
JCR Journal; Impact Factor: 2.433
Volumen: 30
Paginas: 636-645
ISSN: 0956-053X
Editorial: Pergamon-Elsevier Science Ltd


One of the key aspects that must be taken into consideration within the framework of Sustainable Construction is the management of Construction and Demolition (C&D) Debris. As for other types of waste, specific handling procedures are required to manage C&D Debris; these include reduction, reuse, recycling, and if all other possibilities fail, recovery or disposal. For public planning strategies aimed at the management of C&D Debris to be effective, it is first necessary to have specific knowledge of the type of waste materials generated in a particular region. After verifying that the methods available to determine the production and composition of C&D Debris are limited, this paper presents a procedure to ascertain the production and composition of C&D Debris, in any region. The procedure utilizes data on the surface areas of newly constructed buildings, renovations and demolitions, which are estimated from available data for recent years, as well as information on the quantity of debris generated per surface area in any type of construction site, which is obtained from recently executed constructions or from the ground plans of older buildings. The method proposed here has been applied to Galicia, one of Spain’s autonomous communities, for which the quantity and composition of C&D Debris have been estimated for the horizon year 2011.

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