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Categoria WoS
Titulo: Building Digital Peel: Embedded Sensor System for Early Pathology Detection in Building Construction
Tipo: congreso internacional
Congreso: XXXVII IAHS- World Congree on Housing
Fecha: 26-29/10/2010
Lugar celebracion: Santander
Paginas: 362-
ISBN: 978-84-693-6655-4
Libro: Desing, Technology, Refurbishment, and Management of Buildings
Editorial: Gráficas Icuña, S.A.


Pathology detection is an important quality and safety issue in building construction. The traditional techniques used in structures maintenance and inspection are very basis. They are performed by an operator by looking manually for damages on the materials and the structure is usually imporssible or very difficult to reach. In some particular cases, sensors are used with continuous measurement equipment, but the use of wiring and instrumentation equipment is not feasible on a large scale of use. A solution to this problem lies on the development of proactive systems that use wireless sensors embedded in the building structure to monitor those parameters concerning to people safety and building health and quality. This article explains how to deal with the design and deployment of a wireleess sensor network that allows performing an active monitoring of the evolution of the main structure pathologies in construction, meeting the requirements of low consumption, ease of maintenance and installation flexibility.

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