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Categoria WoS
Titulo: Overflow channel study using image processing
Tipo: congreso nacional
Congreso: Image Processing Communications Challenges
Fecha: 16-18/9/2009
Lugar celebracion: Polonia
ISBN: 978-83-60434-62-8


A common problem in Computer Vision is to separate and analyse the objects of interest in a sequence of images in order to extract some physic character- istics that typically will be used for any kind of study or control process. Nowadays, many of these kind of applications have been successfully applied in numerous ar- eas such as navigation systems, °ow analysis, image diagnosis in medicine, structure analysis in civil engineering and others. In these scenarios, an e±cient computational approach provides the means to achieve accurate results at a very low cost. This paper puts forward a Computer Vision based algorithm to analyse the properties of water streams in a scale model of an over°ow channel with the objective of simulate di®erent conditions and obtaining a more e®ective channel design. The proposed algorithm obtain pixel to real distance transformation in the im- age, calculates physical properties of the stream by using several Arti¯cial Vision techniques and analyses the resulting data. A set of assays have been made the performance and evaluate the the algorithm.

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