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Categoria WoS
  • Applications
  • Genetic Programming
Titulo: Prediction and Modelling of the Flow of a Typical Urban Basin through Genetic Programming
Tipo: revista internacional
Fecha: 4,2002
Revista: Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Aplications of Evolutionary Computing
JCR Journal; Impact Factor: 0.402
Volumen: LCNS 2279
Paginas: 190-201
ISSN: 0302-9743
ISBN: 3-540-43432-1
Editorial: Springer-Verlag
Berlín (Alemania)


Genetic Programming (GP) is an evolutionary method that creates computer programs that represent approximate or exact solutions to a problem. This paper proposes an application of GP in hydrology, namely for modelling the effect of rain on the run-off flow in a typical urban basic. The ultimate goal of this research is to design a real time alarm system to warm of floods or subsidence in various types of urban basic. Results look promising and appear to offer some improvement over stochastic methods for analysing river basin systems such as unitary radiographs.

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