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Categoria WoS
Titulo: Automatic Generation of Biped Walk Behaviour Using Genetic Algorithms
Tipo: congreso internacional
Congreso: International Work-Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (IWANN2009)
Fecha: 10-12/6/2009
Lugar celebracion: Salamanca (España)
Paginas: 805-812
ISBN: 3-642-02447-7
Libro: Proceedings of IWANN2009
Editorial: Springer Verlag
doi: 10.1007/978-3-642-02478-8_101


Controlling a biped robot with several degrees of freedom is a challenging task that takes the attention of several researchers in the fields of biology, physics, electronics, computer science and mechanics. For a humanoid robot to perform in complex environments, fast, stable and adaptive behaviors are required. This paper proposes a solution for automatic generation of a walking gait using genetic algorithms (GA). A method based on partial Fourier series was developed for joint trajectory planning. GAs were then used for offline generation of the parameters that define the gait. GAs proved to be a powerful method for automatic generation of humanoid behaviors resulting on a walk forward velocity of 0.51m/s which is a good result considering the results of the three best teams of RoboCup 3D simulation league for the same movement.

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