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Categoria WoS
Titulo: Genetic Algorithms and Multimodal Search
Tipo: capitulo internacional
Fecha: 7,2009
Paginas: 231-249
ISBN: 978-1-59904-996-0
Libro: Advancing Artificial Intelligence through Biological Process Applications
Editorial: Medical Information Science Reference
Hershey (EEUU)


Traditionally, the Evolutionary Computation (EC) techniques, and more specifically the Genetic Algorithms (GAs), have proved to be efficient when solving various problems; however, as a possible lack, the GAs tend to provide a unique solution for the problem on which they are applied. Some non global solutions discarded during the search of the best one could be acceptable under certain circumstances. Most of the problems at the real world involve a search space with one or more global solutions and multiple local solutions; this means that they are multimodal problems and therefore, if it is desired to obtain multiple solutions by using GAs, it would be necessary to modify their classic functioning outline for adapting them correctly to the multimodality of such problems. The present chapter tries to establish, firstly, the characterisation of the multimodal problems will be attempted. A global view of some of the several approaches proposed for adapting the classic functioning of the GAs to the search of multiple solutions will be also offered. Lastly, the contributions of the authors and a brief description of several practical cases of their performance at the real world will be also showed.

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