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Categoria WoS
Titulo: Recent Methodology in Connectionist Systems
Tipo: capitulo nacional
Fecha: 2009
Paginas: 94-106
ISBN: 978-159904996-0
Libro: Advancing Artificial Intelligence Through Biological Process Applications
Editorial: Medical Information Science Reference


The Artificial NeuroGlial Networks, which try to imitate the neuroglial brain networks, appeared in order to process the information by means of artificial systems based on biological phenomena. They are not only made of artificial neurons, like the artificial neural networks, but also they are made of elements which try to imitate glial cells. An important glial role related with the processiong of the brain information has been recently discovered but, as the functioning of the biological neuroglial networks is not exactly known, it is necesary to test several and different possibilities for creating Artificial NeuroGlial Networks. This chapter shows the functioning methodology of the Artificial NeuroGlial Networks and the application of a possible implementation of artificial glia to classification problems.

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