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  • Pereira Loureiro, Javier
  • Castro Blanco, Antonio F.
  • Castro, Alfonso
  • Arcay Varela, Bernardino
  • Pazos Sierra, Alejandro
Categoria WoS
Titulo: Construction of a system for the access, storage and exploitation of data and medical images generated in radiology information systems (RIS)
Tipo: revista nacional
Fecha: 9,2002
Revista: Medical Informatics And The Internet In Medicine
JCR Journal; Impact Factor: 1.155
Volumen: Vol 27 (3)
Paginas: 203-218
ISSN: 1463-9238
Editorial: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Oxon (England)


We present the analysis, design and implementation of a system that allows specialists at a medical centre to recuperate and manage information produced by computers that generate medical diagnosis images. The main objective of the system is to define an architecture that provides doctors with an easy and centralized access to any information they may need, and to allow users to access this information from the computers at the hospital itself as well as from remote locations, which then require telemedicine sessions. The architecture is built according to a layered and modular methodology, which provides high scalability and interoperability with other information systems (HIS, RIS, etc). All the information is stored in a database: not only the various image studies of the patient, but also all data concerning the diagnosis and any comments the specialist may have made. We have also incorporated tools that are not usually found in conventional systems (image segmentation, advanced visualization, etc), but that help the specialist with the decision-making process.

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