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Categoria WoS
Titulo: Artificial Vision System for measuring waves level in a wave tank with a real time approach
Tipo: congreso internacional
Congreso: The 6th WSEAS International Conference on applied computer science (ACS'06)
Fecha: 16-18/12/2006
Lugar celebracion: Tenerife (Spain)
ISBN: 960-8457-57-2
Libro: Proceedings of the WSEAS International Conferences


In this paper we show a new technique for measuring waves, based on artificial vision system to replace traditional methods to measure waves in a wave tank consist on expensive sensors and at the same time intrusive techniques. A procedure for obtaining quantitative wave using video images has been developed. The steps include image capture and data extraction with a real-time approach and non-intrusive method. The method is shown to produce good results as compared to more conventional methods of measuring wave in a wave tank experiment and in addition provides a measure of the wave in all the range of the image (as many points of measurement as the number of pixel in x-coordinate of the image).

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