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Categoria WoS
Titulo: A framework for measuring waves level in a wave tank with artificial vision techniques
Tipo: revista internacional
Fecha: 1,2007
Revista: WSEAS Transactions on Signal Processing
Volumen: Vol 3
Paginas: 17-24
ISSN: 1790-5022
Editorial: WSEAS Press
Athens (Grecia)


In this paper we show an original technique for calculating the height of the water in a wave tank. This artificial vision system achieve so many measures of the record wave’s height as pixels the image has on the x-axis unlike traditional methods for measuring waves consist on expensive sensors which only provide one point measure and at the same time are intrusive techniques, not as the developed system which is a non-intrusive system. The steps include image capture and data extraction with a real-time approach and high sample frequency. The method is shown to produce good results as compared to more conventional methods for measuring waves in a wave tank experiment and in addition this is a cheaper and non-intrusive system.

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