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Categoria WoS
Titulo: Knowledge Management and Interactive Learning
Tipo: revista internacional
Fecha: 10,2004
Revista: Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence: Engineering Knowledge in the Age of the Semantic Web
JCR Journal; Impact Factor: 0.302
Volumen: LNAI 3257
Paginas: 481-482
ISSN: 0302-9743
ISBN: 3-540-23340-7
Editorial: Springer-Verlag
Berlín (Alemania)


This work present a proposal for an e-learning model that facilitate the lesrning process. Using a Knowledge Management System as support, learning is planned through action, wich results in the execution of tasks based on computer games strategies. Both contents of the course and tasks are included into the Institutional Memory of System. The design of this Institutional Memory shows as a basis for the system. Intelligent agents will adapt the tasks to the level and preferences of the student.

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