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Categoria WoS
  • Artificial Neural Networks
Titulo: Development of ANN with Adaptative Connections by CE
Tipo: capitulo internacional
Fecha: 2006
Paginas: 71-93
ISBN: 159140903-9
Libro: Artificial Neural Networks in Real-Life Applications
Editorial: Idea Group Publishing


This chapter presents the use of artificial neural networks (ANN) and evolutionary computation (EC) techniques to solve real-world problems including those with a temporal component. The development of the ANN maintains some problems from the beginning of the ANN field that can be paliiated applying EC to the development of ANN. In this chapter, we propose a multilevel system, based on each level in EC, to adjust the architecture and to train ANNs. Finally, the proposed system offers the possibility of adding new characteristics to the processing elements (PE) of the ANN without modifying the development process. This characteristic makes possible a faster convergence between natural and artificial neural networks.

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