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Fecha Articulo Revista
6-2022 Machine Learning-Based Radon Monitoring System Chemosensors
10-2021 Prediction of Anti-Glioblastoma Drug-Decorated Nanoparticle Delivery Systems Using Molecular Descriptors and Machine Learning International Journal of Molecular Sciences
10-2020 An Application of Fish Detection Based on Eye Search with Artificial Vision and Artificial Neural Networks Water
8-2020 Implementing a Web Application for W3C WebAuthn Protocol Testing Proceedings
7-2020 Prediction of Antimalarial Drug-Decorated Nanoparticle Delivery Systems with Random Forest Models Biology
2-2020 Net-Net AutoML Selection of Artificial Neural Network Topology for Brain Connectome Prediction Applied Sciences
1-2020 Developing a secure low-cost radon control system Sensors
9-2019 Improvement of Epitope Prediction Using Peptide Sequence Descriptors and Machine Learning International Journal of Molecular Science
12-2016 A methodology for the design of experiments in computational intelligence with multiple regression models PeerJ
5-2016 Using Genetic Algorithms to improve Support Vector Regression in the analysis of Atomic spectra of Lubricant Oils Engineering Computations
1-2016 Texture analysis in gel electrophoresis images using an integrative kernel-based approach Scientific Reports
11-2015 A hybrid Evolutionary System for automated Artificial Neural Networks generation and simplification in biomedical applications Current Bioinformatics
9-2015 Texture classification using feature selection and kernel-based techniques Soft Computing
7-2015 Example-Based Learning: Development of Business Applications with .NET Technologies Revista Digital de Investigación en Docencia Universitaria
5-2014 Markov Mean Properties for Cell Death-Related Protein Classification Journal of Theoretical Biology
1-2014 Improving Enzyme Regulatory Protein Classification by means of SVM-RFE Feature Selection Molecular BioSystems
12-2013 Hybrid model based on Genetic Algorithms and SVM applied to variable selection within fruit juice classification The Scientific World Journal. Issue: Recent Advances on Bioinspired Computation
12-2013 High Order Texture-Based Analysis in Biomedical Images Current Medical Imaging Reviews
7-2013 Kernel-based Feature Selection Techniques for Transport Proteins Based on Star Graph Topological Indices Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
5-2013 Using genetic algorithms for automatic recurrent ANN development: an application to EEG signal classification International Journal of Data Mining, Modelling and Management
5-2013 Evolutionary Computation and QSAR Research Current Computer-Aided Drug Design
4-2013 Applied Computational Techniques on Schizophrenia using genetic mutations Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
3-2013 Classification of signals by means of Genetic Programming Soft Computing
2-2013 Exploring patterns of epigenetic information with data mining techniques Current Pharmaceutical Design. Special Issue: Epigenetic and metabolic drug target for anticancer therapy
6-2012 Approach for solving multimodal problems using Genetic Algorithms with Grouped into Species optimized with Predator-Prey International Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence
6-2012 Improving Personal Health Record systems using ontologies: Retrieving context-sensitive information Journal on Computing
1-2012 LIBP-Pred: Web Server for Lipid Binding Proteins using Structural Network Parameters; PDB Mining of Human Cancer Biomarkers and Drug Targets in Parasites and Bacteria Molecular BioSystems
12-2007 Chemically driven variable selection by focused multimodal genetic algorithms in mid-IR spectra Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
7-2007 A Computational Morphogenesis Approach to Simple Structure Development Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence
6-2007 Linking chemical knowledge and genetic algorithms using two populations and focused multimodal search Chemometrics and intelligent laboratory systems
6-2007 A Comparison Between ANN Generation and Training Methods and Their Development by Means of Graph Evolution: 2 Sample Problems Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Computational and Ambient Intelligence
3-2007 A New Evolutionary Computation Technique for 2D Morphogenesis and Information Processing WSEAS Transactions on Information Science & Applications
6-2005 Diversity and Multimodal Search with a Hybrid Two-Population GA: An Application to ANN Development Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Computacional Intelligence and Bioinspired System
2-2005 Selection of variables by genetic algorithms to classify apple beverages by artificial neural networks Applied Artificial Intelligence
9-2004 Classification of Apple Beverages using Artificial Neural Networks with Previous Variable Selection Analytica Chimica Acta
2-2004 Distributed Genetic Programming by an Object Oriented System using Java and CORBA Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networks
2-2004 Search the Optimal RANN Architecture, Reduce the Training Set and Make the Training Process by a Distribute Genetic Algorithm Artificial Intelligence and Applications
6-2003 Neural Networks & Antennas Design: an Application for Avoiding Interferences Lecture Notes in Computer Science
8-2002 Avoiding Interference in Planar Arrays Through the Use of Artificial Neural Networks IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine

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