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Daniel Rivero, Marcos Gestal, Julián Dorado, Juan Ramón Rabuñal, Alejandro Pazos
Título: Introduction to the Subject Automatic Learning in the Computer Engineering Degree
Congreso: XI FECIES - Evaluación de la Calidad de la Investigación y de la Educación Superior
Lugar Celebración: Bilbao (España)
Fecha Celebración: 8-10 de Julio de 2014
Publicación: Libro de Resúmenes
ISBN: 978-84-697-1002-9
Páginas: 412-
Fecha Publicación: Julio 2014


Introduction: As a consequence of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), a great amount of new degree titles and master degrees with new subjects have arisen. This work describes the introduction of one these new subjects, Automatic Learning, in the Computer Engineering Degree from A Coruña University. Objectives: This subject was focused so the students can get new skills on Machine Learning. In particular, the students will know the most important techniques and paradigms, and will be able to apply them to solve different problems, being able to analyse and compare the results. Methodology: The organisation of this subject takes into account the great practical application of this kind of systems. For this reason the theoretical classes are given with a high amount of practical examples. Also, in the practical part the students will have to use these techniques to solve a real-world problem. As a consequence of this, in the assessment of the student, the practical part has a high load in the final mark, with a weight of the 40%, and the theoretical mark has a weight of the 60%. Results: After the first years of teaching, the authors have found a very good response from the students, getting very high marks and developing useful systems for solving real-world problems. Conclusions: This subject is interesting for the students, because of both theoretical and practical contains. The practical work where a real problem is solved supposes a challenge for the students, which increases their interest and improves their understanding.